Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a hint of blue...

Monday...Blue Monday...I've gathered a bit of earth tones with accents of blue. Whether covered in blue feathers of just a touch, these little winged creatures are saying, "Good Morning!"
This scene gives me a feeling of coolness,
a much needed thing around here.
Icebergs and chilling champagne.
Gotta love that blue coral and velvety chair.

And this wall had a blueish hue...
until I placed them next to that chair.
I would love for my bedroom walls to
look like this and the bed isn't too shabby either.


Sunday, four ladies traveled to a little town outside of San Antonio, Bulverde, to see the play--BARBARA'S BLUE KITCHEN. My friend, Sandi is sister to the director of the playhouse. This show takes audience members to fill the cafe with customers. Sandi & Candy were chosen to occupy a table throughout the entire show. We even had a line to say and were served ice cream sundaes! We got to see the show, as they say, up close and personal.
Cast can see me and Sandi in front in the black shirt.

A STAR IS BORN? I don't think so.

Stop by Smiling Sally, she is serving up
the blue plate special!



Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Candy! You are a star!! Way to go and you actually got an ice cream sundae for doing it. What a deal! That's just the icing on the cake. I love this post. Isn't that bed devine? I would like one of those and that blue velvet seated chair. Beautiful. Great post. Have a wonderful Blue Monday. Country Hugs, Sherry

SmilingSally said...

You wore the perfect color to contrast with that blue, blue set. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

Knitty said...

Great photos and story! I am not really a bird person, but the bird in your photo intrigues me. Such pretty blue feather(s) he or she has.

Mary said...

It sounds as though everyone had a grand time. Enjoy Blue Monday.

Anonymous said...

Oh Candy~~~you are tooooo cute!!
LOVE the shades of blue in the champagne/velvet and the bedroom images....just so beautiful.
Great escape my dear!
Have a Happy Monday~

Reflections ... said...

What a great post. I love the picture of the champagne and iceberg... and the bedroom. That bed is gorgeous and the walls are the perfect addition.

What fun you must have had at (in) the show...AND a sundae! What a special treat.

Enjoy your Monday.

PS - that bird is beautiful - he looks so soft.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Great post, a star is born, love the blues

Dixie said...

looks like you and Sandi had a great time! What fun!

Lynn said...

What fun!
I love show business!!

bj said...

First of all, I want the bed in your header..outside and all...
I love the blues you are showing us and I know the play was fun!!

CailinMarie said...

"Barbara's Blue Kitchen" sounds like fun! Really neat pictures. I love that bird's wings.

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

I dunno, look very much at home on that stage with the other cast members! "O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?"

Regina said...

Very nice!

♥Itajeff♥ @Something To Share said...

Great story and pictures too.
Sorry, I'm late for my Blue Monday's round, hope you had a great Monday