Saturday, October 10, 2009

How much is that dolly in the window?

Finally posting about the dolls I bought on last week's Market Days trip with Dixie.
Hey girls, there seems to be a bit of plastic surgery in your future but probably not the kind you were hoping for. Little Debbie might not be 'cute as a cupcake'
If you are familiar with Sid's room from
then you can imagine my warped sense of humor.

But just so you don't think me totally off...
here are a few pretty things I've picked up recently.

Mother Goose planter caught my eye right quick.
And these delicate porcelain flowers, how could I
pass them up...$1. Dixie saw them before I did and
as I picked them off the shelf she said,
"I knew you would want that."

Speaking of Wimberley Market Days...if any of you Texas gals want to meet up the first Saturday in November just let me know. I have already heard from several bloggers making plans to come. Vicki may come with her sister and niece. And Charlene is hoping to come with her mom. Dixie and I had a wonderful lunch at the Wimberley Cafe on the square. A great place to meet up and share our treasures from the day. I will keep you posted as time draws nearer. Hope YOU can make it!

Have a glorious weekend!



Sandi McBride said...

I love your dolly finds Candy! I think they look extra loved...and the planter is a beauty, too...wish I lived in Texas in November! I'd so be there!!!

Chany said...

Hola Candy que lindas muñecas, yo tengo una de unos 100 años, era mi abuela materna es grandota, cara de porcelana cuerpo de trapo relleno con paja, con vestidito de florcitas un HORROR JAJAJAJA, es que nunca la puedo sacar cuando era niña mis hermanas le tenían miedo, ahora le tienen miedos mis hijas, en fin siguiendo con tu humor, UN ENCANTO LA MUÑECA DE LA BOBE (ABUELA PAISANA) JAJAJAJAJA....


Cherrie said...

Cute dolls! When I was a little girl I used to line up all my dolls and I would be their teacher! I had such fun playing with my dolls.

Sharon said...

You may make me move to Texas. Loved it the one time I visited.A dear friend is moving back to Texas next Wed. I shall miss her dearly. She gave me a tag for the frig so I would think of her. It said "Don't Medd With Texas".!!! Right on. Sharon Love all your dollies!

xinex said...

Love all your finds! Pretty dolls.Wish I could go shopping with you and Dixie!...Christine