Friday, October 2, 2009

My Bloomin' Yard!

And finally the rains came
and watered t
he land.
So all my little flowering bushes are
doing the happy dance.

All summer I have drooled over the beautiful
gardens across bloggerville
while my own little plot of earth
shriveled and turned brown.

No pink here but had to show my little kitty,
and the little pudgie birdie
watching me dance around the yard
snapping pictures of all the PINK!

Up my front walk are these Dollar Tree pavers.
It's true, my blogging friends do add a
special ray of sunshine to my life.

And Beverly of How Sweet the Sound
is a Lovely PINK SATURDAY hostess.
I hope you stop by and see her along
with Meg at her Vintage Garden Home.

I am also tickled pink that
Dixie and I, along with Bonnie,
my friend from the
next town over,
are off to Wimbere
ly Market Days
in the morning...come rain or shine.

Hope you all have a special adventure of your own.
And speaking of adventure... Debra of Common Ground is celebrating her 100th post. Great goodies and more, so head over and put your name in the hat!
And while you are at it...Connie of Living Beautifully is celebrating her 700th post...WOW! She is sharing one of her awesome aprons. Many to choose from (her choice) but they are all great. Check it out!



marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

YOur yard is looking lovely. We finally have cooler temperatures and so mine is finally looking a little better. Have fun tomorrow. Hugs, Marty

Sarah said...

Happy Pink Saturday and have fun at Market Days. I haven't been in years. I did get over to Round Top this week. Did you go?
Your flowers do look happy. My garden has perked up as well. So nice to have some cooler temps and a little rain. ~ Sarah

Elena@EPtreasures said...

Your Market Days sounds like fun - have a great time.
I like yur pavers :)

Happy Pink Saturday!

cioa for now,
Elena :)
ps. my pink post is on this blog -

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

So happy you finally had rain. It's looking so pretty. Happy Pink Saturday!

Regina said...

Hello Candy. Wow these are lovely!
Nice yard.
Your kitty is so cute posing:).
Happy Pink Saturady.
Enjoy the weekend.

XO Regina

Beth Niquette said...

Lovely post. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your garden. I am sure the Creator also loves walking there.

June said...

Candy, I'm so happy that you are able to enjoy your lovely garden now that it is cooling down for you. I'll bet kitty is happy about it as well.
Have fun shopping!

Vicki said...

Hi, Candy,
Thank you so much for stopping by Bunny Cottage today!! You and I are neighbors. I also live in Central Texas in Harker Heights. I love the Wimberly Market Days. I have only been once, but I had such a good time. Your blog is so beautiful. I am now a follower and hope to return and visit often. Your garden is looking so pretty. I have been so thankful for the rain and a little cooler weather. Our gardens certainly love it, don't they. Your kitty is adorable!! Happy Pink Saturday to you!! Vicki

♥Mimi♥ said...

Winter is just around the corner in my neck of the woods so Pink Saturday is even more meaningful for me because I won't see my garden bloom again until at least May of next year!

Thanks so much for your participation this week. It brightened my day☺ I think your kitty would rather have had you in the house paying attention to her.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with happiness surrounded by those you love.

Bellamere Cottage said...

Shoooooot.....I LOVE those pavers. And, a DOLLAR?? Wow.... I'm just going to have to take myself to the old Dollar Store more often. You gals all seem to find such fabulous things.

Have a wonderful weekend sweet gal....


Mary said...

Your garden is lovely, as are the sentiments expressed on your paving stones. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

Sea Gypsy said...

Hi Candy,
I found your blog through Sharon and what a beautiful blog you have!!!! I am going to add you to my links! I will be back! Have a beautiful day!

common ground said...

Hi Candy, so nice to meet you, and thankyou Oh so much for posting about my blog give-away! I've joined you as a follower also. This may sound silly, but I've seen your picture on other "followers" sites, and been over to your blog. I JUST LOVE YOUR GORGEOUS HAIR! OK, that said, thanks again, and have a wonderful weekend!

Cathy said...


I waited a long time this summer for my flowers to bloom too. Now that my zinnias are finally kicking butt it's probably going to drop in temp this week and freeze them all.

It was a pleasure to see your beautiful pink garden. Thank you.


someplace in thyme said...

And just look at them now, they are giving you a wonderful gift of blooms all your own, how lovely, Happy Pink Saturday and I hope you have a wonder week ahead, Char

Vicki said...

Hi, Candy,
Harker Heights is part of Killeen- Ft. Hood, Texas. We are near to Belton and Temple, about 60 miles from Austin and about 50 miles from Waco. Vicki

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Candy~your blog is darling. What a garden youve been blessed with. And your cat is beautiful. I'm a hug cat lover! I just got 2 new kittens, Bob & Grace! I didnt name Bob, thats just too big of a name for a tiny kitten, the previous owner did but my son thought it was funny so we stuck with it! And Grace, of course, is to reming us of God's grace!
Have a blessed day.
p.s. thanks for your comments on "Mr.P"!

Leann said...

Hi Candy

Glad that you go some much needed rain! You garden is stunning, love the rocks!

Enjoy you Sunday!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Glad you got some rain, Candy, and as far as sunshine... you bring that to the Blogsphere!


Sheila (who is happy dancing... got my 'puter back!) :-)

Jean Tuthill said...

Your garden is beautiful and now you can enjoy it! Most of mine is gone, fall is here and time to button everything up for winter. Thanks for letting me know about the Giveaways, they are so much fun. I plan on doing a lot more!

Charlene said...

Love all your flowers!!! Yes, thank GOD we got the rain. We too needed it. Things do look better now don't they! I may be bringing my Mom your way at the begining of Nov. May give you a heads up & maybe we could get together again. Stop by sometime. Haven't seen Pat in over a week. Have a great week.

xinex said...

What a beautiful garden! It is just the way I want it, natural looking with all those rocks...Christine

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

You have a lovely garden, a wonderful blog - and a cat that looks just like mine! Ours is called Mo Mo or Mozart! My last post has a pic of him! (wish I got around to updating more tho!)

Hugs from Michigan - Diane