Sunday, October 4, 2009

Monday Musings

Glad to be back for MOSAIC MONDAY

(click on the stamps to visit each sweet hostess)

Market Days with Dixie...was a good day.
I needed the girl time and am so glad
she made the long trip in the rain.
She also did such a nice post on our
adventure, so for the rest of the story,
pop on over to French Lique.

I didn't realize my outfit was perfect
for BLUE & Yellow Poke-a-Dot Monday.
Wishing you skies of blue and warm yellow sunshine.



Mary said...

Lovely and cheerful colors, and so nice to see your pretty face! Thanks so much for sharing at Mosaic Monday. :)

Sarah said...

Love the mosaic with the sunny yellow. ~ Sarah

KBeau said...

Glad you had fun shopping, but I really don't think you can go shopping and not have fun.

Stine in Ontario said...

I like your collage for such a cheerful Mellow Yellow post!

Riet said...

What a lovely mosaic.
Have a nice day

Sharon said...

Ah you look so cute Ms. Polka dot lady. Thanks for my ray of Monday sunshine :-) Sharon

June said...

I love your mosaic Candy. Beautiful images to drool over. I REALLY love the picture of you. Just beautiful.

decorator to the stars said...

great colors :) gio

Michelle@Sweet Something said...

Glad you got some girl time! Loving that seatee!

Dawn said...

Yellow and blue, what a nice combination! I just popped over from Dixie's to tell you how fabulous you look in blue!

Carol said...

So cheerful! Have a great week!

Ebie said...

The yellows are so explosive and I am loving the color! I love the textures on your mosaic!

Barbara said...

Candy, Heard thru the grapevine that you and Dixie had a great time at the Wimberly Market. I am anxious to see your creation of Doll parts.

Great Picture.

Dixie said...

Hey Candy... I love the mosaic...especially the "We both can't look good" sign... I think I'll make that one my new motto!

Let me know when you're going to Geronimo! Maybe I'll join you?!

Have a great week. Enjoy the rain.
Hugs. Dixie

Chany said...

Candy me encantaron esos muñecos cabeza de trompo, me recuerdas a los personaje del mago de og, muy lindo todo ahora yo también tengo una tiendo, siiii.... acabo de abrir, con u8n poco de todo, si puedes visitala y dime que te parece, recie´n empiezo y todavía nadie me compró nada pero ya se dará no?, un abrazo Chany.-

Jean Tuthill said...

Girl time is wonderful and I have a friend just like yours. We are so blessed. Dusty, my doggie, is home and feeling a little better. It'll just take time and a lot of love. Thanks for coming by.

Barb said...

too cute outfit!!
barbara jean